Have you noticed? Disney has a lot of money. They can thank my family and me for some of it.

Every time they build a new theme park, roll out a new attraction, make a movie (okay forget Star Wars), or launch a cruise ship, it’s impressive. They really know how to do it “right.” When it comes to entertainment, they have not just set the standard, they often blow it out of the water.  

If you are in the attractions or entertainment industry, you are often all too aware of the standard Disney has set.  For the last few years I have had the good fortune to work in both an aquarium and a zoo—and yes, Disney’s Animal Kingdom casts its shadow on all animal-based attractions.  

I have often heard the question voiced when considering a new exhibit, “What would Disney do?” quickly followed by an answer full of despair, “But we don’t have the money Disney has.” So true, few do. 

I don’t think the right question is being asked. The question shouldn’t be, “What would Disney do?” After all, they are a multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment conglomerate with more money than most companies or countries. The question should be, “What would Walt do?” The man who started it all.  After reading a biography or two about Walt, I believe he would do whatever he had to do, with whatever he had, at the time he was doing it. 

Walt Disney didn’t have billions or millions or even thousands when he first started. He had a vision though, an attitude, and a willingness to work at what he wanted to achieve, regardless of current resources.  

You may not be in an industry or business that Disney is in. Lucky you. Even so, asking yourself, “What would Walt do?” can be very powerful and insightful in whatever you are working on or want to achieve. 

Attitude is free and a powerful force when it comes to accomplishment. So, remember, Walt did whatever he had to do, with whatever he had, at the time he was doing it. That is something we can all do regardless of our bank account. 

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